Maintaining Beauty of a Wall Fountain

Wall fountains are attractive and very relaxing feature of your house. Many believed that it can heal your emotional, psychological and physical illness in some ways hence needed to have proper care of your body is still important. Having a wall fountain can improve the ambiance of your home but to get this kind of satisfaction, you also want to conserve water and maintain the fountain. You can do this by installing ​​Universal Flow Monitors and following the tips below.

How to maintain clean water in wall fountains

Wall fountains depending on the size can carry massive amount of water in different speeds per circulation of the pump however the water can cause the pump and the surface of the wall to develop molds. These cases will also affect the color and odor of the wall fountain which can also affect the humidity of your house or business. Wall fountain maintenance should be done every two or at least once a month to ensure that the water is clear and free from bacteria. The pump should also be cleaned every now and then for these mold build-ups.

Cleaning the wall surface

Wall fountains are made up of different materials. Some are made from bricks; others are made of stones however contemporary wall fountains are now made from glass which can show different effects of the salt in the water making it look white. While this cycle will continue, having two weeks or every month to brush the surface of the fountain can improve its appearance and humidity instantly.