Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ovens

Stainless steel wall mounted ovens are a great addition and space saver for any kitchen design.  Although many believe these to be a very modern invention, we had one back in the mid-1960s in our home in Toronto Canada.  These are a wonderful space saver, and they also save the stress and strains on the cooks back, as you do not need to bend over nearly as much to get things out of the oven.  Stainless steel is all the rage, and it does look very elegant in a kitchen, even though it is difficult to keep clean with children in the house.

Single or Double Ovens

Single wall mounted ovens have a single door opening, and a single temperature control.  You can also get single-double wall ovens, which are the same size as single ovens, but they have two separate compartments.  Each compartment has its own temperature control. This is a wonderful addition as you can cook two things at once, at two different temperatures; a roast in the top larger oven, and a pie in the lower, smaller oven.

There are also complete double ovens, which are twice the size of a single oven, and operate as two separate heating and cooking units.  You can combine these and the single ovens with microwave ovens creating a centralized cooking area.

Oven Widths

Wall Ovens come in a several different widths.  The most popular and the ones usually installed in a family kitchen are 30 inches wide.  This will meet all family cooking needs.  For smaller spaces, and compact kitchens you can get wall ovens in sizes of 24 and 27 inches.  These are excellent space savers and look lovely in apartment and modern up to date smaller kitchens.

Method of Cooking

Wall ovens tend to be produced mostly as electric ovens as most cooks prefer the more regular overall heating of this method; however, you can get wall ovens, which heat, with gas if this is your preferred method of cooking.  The other nice thing about wall ovens is you can have an electric oven, and a gas cook top, which many cooks prefer.

Tips for Brightening Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets dark and dated?  How about painting the cabinets white, it is something you can do yourself, and it can be relatively inexpensive, certainly cheaper than buying new cabinets.  The following are a number of tips that will help to make your cabinet paining successful.  You do not need to hire a professional who would probably spray paint the cabinets.   You can paint with a brush with great results.

Prepare the cabinets correctly

The prep work is vital.  Even the cleanest kitchen cabinets are covered with dust, grease and other unpleasant food remains.  Make sure you do each of the following before you even think about applying any paint.

  • Empty all the cabinet and clear the counters off.  Then cover the counter with paper and tap it down.
  • Tape around the cabinets, so that you do not get paint on the walls, ceilings or floors
  • Remove all the doors and drawers, saving all the hardware, even if you plan to use new hardware.
  • Using an abrasive pad, wipe all the surfaces that are to be painted with a liquid deglosser.  Make sure you have plenty of ventilation, and hand and eye protection as the deglosser is a dangerous product.
  • Fill any holes you are not planning to reuse.
  • Sand all surfaces working with the grain of the wood, using a medium grit paper.

Paint the cabinets

Now you can start the pain work.  Always use a sealer or primer on fabricated woods, or maple and cherry.  If you have oak cabinets, this stuff soaks in, so you need to use another oil-based coating.  Once this is applied, you will need to wait at least 24 hours for it to dry completely.  Then you can sand it smooth.  Make sure it is glass-smooth when you finish the sanding.  When you are finished, vacuum all the surfaces to move all dust and particles.

Apply the paint with a good quality paintbrush, and work from the top to the bottom.  Apply two coats, sanding with a high value grit paper between the coats.  Remember to vacuum again after any sanding.  If you do not vacuum, dust and particles will be imbedded in the paint ruining the effect.

Reassemble the cabinets

Once everything is completely dry, you can reassemble the cabinets.  Apply the doors back in the same order you took them off.  Adding new hinges, handles and knobs can really add a nice touch.  Good luck with your project.

Remodeling or Improving the Kitchen

kitchen Improvement

Whether we are cooking for just another day or to experiment on our culinary skills, or we invited our friends and relatives for a special occasion, our kitchen will be our inspiration.

If we have been cooking for the past five year in the same kitchen setting, it is never too early to make some changes on our food nook. We can improve or remodel. We can improve on adding shelves, containers or new set of pans. As simple as repainting the entire kitchen wall, install new and nicer lighting fixtures, add accents fro display such as clay molded vegetables or fruits or picture frames.

Deciding on doing an extreme make over will require a lot of effort and time. A team of helping hand will make this project easier, better and doable. Make an action plan and designate each task to the person who you know could do it well. Do not forget to check on things that you’d like to keep and want to improve on. Also, recycling is still the cheapest way and the coolest by far.

How to Have a Worry-Free Kitchen

Never use slippery flooring or tiles. Spills from any form of liquid will cause slips. Use a non-slip mat on the sink floor and the cooking area.

Let’s be mindful of what we put on overhead cabinets above the stove. Obviously, we do not want any sprays close to the stove. Things like matches, candles, and your child’s food definitely do not belong there. Put your child’s food in a sealed storage or better yet make your child special by making his/her own food cabinet. If there are kids, take them to the kitchen and do a tour. Train them so they’d understand at an early age to be cautious around it. Tell them why particular things can hurt them. You will be surprised with what they have to say while training them.

Never ever leave your stove burning even if you are just going to fetch the clothes from the washing machine or answer a phone call. It takes less than a second to turn it off. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Get your local fire department’s number and place it where it is visible.

Benefits of Using Marble Countertops

When it comes to home renovation, most owners wanted something new and exciting that could make their house stand out of the rest. Some of these renovations may involve the replacements of other materials such as furniture or the structure itself. As such, most of these renovations primarily involve the kitchen.

marble kitchen countertops

Since kitchen renovation is the most difficult place to deal with, home owners make precautionary actions especially when they are dealing with the countertop. Most countertops are made from wood or tiles but nowadays marble countertops are preferred because of its durability and effect. The versatility of a marble countertop makes it easier to clean after use, can handle intense heat, and creates a lavishing ambiance to the kitchen. The advantages and disadvantages of a marble countertop gives different effects to the owner as well as the kitchen appearance in due time or according to how it is use daily.

kitchen island

In some ways, the disadvantages of a marble countertop depended on the type of marble that had been purchased as well as the types of cuts it has. In some instance, scratches may occur on polished marbles that had been sitting in the kitchen for a long time. This type of countertop cannot easily be repaired. When it is taken cared of everyday and with cautions then the home owners will be rewarded with a lavishing and timeless piece of equipment and art on their kitchen for a long time.

Kitchen Backsplashes with a Difference

Today it has become standard practice to add a backsplash behind the kitchen sink. These can be all one-color traditional subway tiles, or standard square tiles, or you can try something much more exciting. Many people use traditional tiles in the traditional way, but there are some interesting things that can be done with traditional tiles to make your kitchen much more exciting. How you lay the tiles can make a very big difference, and so can the color and type of grout you use. Another exciting option is using something other than the standard tiles.

Using Color Combinations

metal backsplashes

Instead of just plain white or beige tiles, many designers are combining a variety of colors to create a mosaic look. If you kitchen is basically white, and you want to add something a little brighter for emphasis, how about a light blue or light green. This will also allow you to accent your kitchen with other items in a similar color. Alternatively, you can go way out and add red or black tiles. That can really spike up a kitchen, and remove a dull look. These are especially nice if you are not making other changes, and you have a black or white counter top.

Using Different Patterns

metal backsplashes bronze tile

Combining colors of tiles is wonderful, and to add an extra something, you can also use different sized tiles to remove the checkerboard look. This can be extremely attractive; however, it can also be a challenge to install. The addition of an interesting grout can add to this non-traditional look.

Using Metal Backsplashes

stainless backsplashes

An interesting option for a very different look, is to use metal for your backsplash. Patterns similar to early tin ceilings can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen look. Tin backing looks very nice with black counter tops and white cupboards. These also accent any stainless steel appliances and sinks. This might be the type of backsplash for your kitchen.

These are available now and are specially coated to ensure long life. The patterns stand proud of the base metal, but blend in so they are not too excessive. These are a bit more difficult again to install, and you might require professional help, but they will certainly perk up your kitchen.