Kitchen Backsplashes with a Difference

Today it has become standard practice to add a backsplash behind the kitchen sink. These can be all one-color traditional subway tiles, or standard square tiles, or you can try something much more exciting. Many people use traditional tiles in the traditional way, but there are some interesting things that can be done with traditional tiles to make your kitchen much more exciting. How you lay the tiles can make a very big difference, and so can the color and type of grout you use. Another exciting option is using something other than the standard tiles.

Using Color Combinations

metal backsplashes

Instead of just plain white or beige tiles, many designers are combining a variety of colors to create a mosaic look. If you kitchen is basically white, and you want to add something a little brighter for emphasis, how about a light blue or light green. This will also allow you to accent your kitchen with other items in a similar color. Alternatively, you can go way out and add red or black tiles. That can really spike up a kitchen, and remove a dull look. These are especially nice if you are not making other changes, and you have a black or white counter top.

Using Different Patterns

metal backsplashes bronze tile

Combining colors of tiles is wonderful, and to add an extra something, you can also use different sized tiles to remove the checkerboard look. This can be extremely attractive; however, it can also be a challenge to install. The addition of an interesting grout can add to this non-traditional look.

Using Metal Backsplashes

stainless backsplashes

An interesting option for a very different look, is to use metal for your backsplash. Patterns similar to early tin ceilings can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen look. Tin backing looks very nice with black counter tops and white cupboards. These also accent any stainless steel appliances and sinks. This might be the type of backsplash for your kitchen.

These are available now and are specially coated to ensure long life. The patterns stand proud of the base metal, but blend in so they are not too excessive. These are a bit more difficult again to install, and you might require professional help, but they will certainly perk up your kitchen.