Bring in the Luck for 2014

A simple décor can change your luck for this year. Start the year right by celebrating the new year donning your windows with grapes. A New year ritual that has been done by so many people all over the world. Chinese, Westerners, Latinos. This simple ritual brings in hope, wonder and yes Luck.

Your parents may not have taught you this ritual but it’s worth a try and it will keep your home smelling sweet and beautiful. Start the year with the enduring harvests, a great day to celebrate merry making despite the cold and the dreary weather.

Wine may have played a great part for this ritual. Since time memorial the merry men and women had wine to thank for that. Wine that came from grapes, that may be sweet, sour, tangy and even bitter, this fabulous drink just keeps the party going.

You may not want to fill up your home with grapes, but even one branch of grape vine hanging on your window can bring in that luck we all so wanted to come in our Homes.