Does a Home Office have to be Clinical

So many home offices today are cold and clinical. Frankly, this is mainly because the options for furnishing the home office tend to be metal, fiberboard or plastic looking. If you spend a good deal of time in your home office then you need it to be comfortable and inviting. One way to accomplish this is to use reproduction furniture in warm comfortable wood.

Elegant Home Office Furniture

Desks and workspaces

There are many styles of reproduction desks. One is a pedestal desk, that has two banks of drawers, and a top writing surface covering both, thereby creating a kneehole in between the drawers. In the original desks, there would have been a single draw running between the two banks of drawers, but on reproduction desks, this is often replaced by a pull out keyboard rest.

The keyboard rest is ergonomically designed so that your hands will rest at the correct level to limit repetitive action strain. The drawers provide lots of storage space and the desk top is large enough for writing, and for holding the new flat computer screens, phones and other paraphernalia. The kneehole is large enough to hold your legs and your desktop computer terminal out of the way.

Printer and Fax tables

Printer and fax tables are made to coordinate with the pedestal desks, and they are similar to side tables or raised coffee tables in living rooms and family rooms. Other pieces like filing cabinets actually do come made of wood. These may not be the tall extremely roomy pieces of the grey metal office, but they look very much at home combined with the tables and desks. They are surprisingly roomy for their size and as we store most of our information on disks, tapes, and memory sticks, there are neat furniture pieces that hold these items too.