Ways to Separate the Den and Living Room

If you happen to have a small house with limited rooms hence you wanted to have a den and a living room as two different rooms, then you should understand some facts on your house that you can think of.

amazing khoi living room and den

Having a living room is by far the most important part of a family house. However, you should also get yourself and your family a nice room where you can hang different photos of you as well as have a place to relax and watch your favorite late night show. Small houses usually have TV and other electrical and personal things in the living room due to limited floor space and rooms but looking back at your house blueprint, you may discover that there are still some places which can be made into a den.

Decorating Den Interiors transitional living room design

Your attic, basement and garage can become a den depending on which of these three becomes less usable during your stay. An attic is a great room where no one can disturb you while you watch TV. However, the spaces are very limited and may not be able to accommodate your things. The same goes with the garage as it hold some of your things that needed to be stored and constantly use.

small space living room

The basement is by far the best choice you can have. It doesn’t matter if the pipes are showing because you jus need your imagination and creativity to make use of it without spending too much on renovations and adjustments just for you to have your own quality time and space.