What To Do With a Small Attic Space

We all want to make the most of our homes, and this includes any attic space, no matter how small it may be. There are a number of great ways of using small spaces, and of creating lightness and airiness in what appears to be a tight space.

Attic is too small for a Bedroom

Often you would like to add an additional bedroom to my home, but the attic is just too small.  There are a number of regulations about how big a room must be, and no one likes to be sleeping in a cramped small space.  This does not mean that you cannot find a good use for your small attic, especially if it has a high ceiling and a window.

Home Office

If your attic has a high ceiling, and a window, then you may be able to make the space into a home office.  It might be a great place for a getaway for mom, or dad, or a student to work.  Although it may not be the place to spend days on end, a quiet upper story space with plenty of light can be perfect for studying for exams, or getting a report finished for the office.

As long as you are not claustrophobic, these can be splendid get away places.  A desk or table, a comfortable work chair, with plenty of light and the ability to see out the window like in the picture, and you can have a comfortable place to work.


Of course, many people use their attics for storage, but instead of just throwing everything in higgledy piggery, there are plenty of ways to create an organized storage experience.  Shelves can be added to walls, plastic containers can be used, and areas can be marketed off for the storage of different types of goods.  If you are like many people and you keep everything, it is vital that you keep those things in an organized way or the “things” will take over your world. Get your Attic organized and then you can keep whatever you want and even find it whenever you want it too.

Cast Aluminum Is Best for Patio Furniture

It is springtime and that is the time to get your garden ready for the living in again.  Many people love to spend as much time as possible out in the open air, and who can blame them.  Getting the patio furniture ready is much easier than it used to be, that is if you have or plan to purchase cast aluminum patio furniture.

Problems with Wood and Cast Iron Patio Furniture

If you have used wood and/or cast iron patio furniture in the past, then you will be familiar with the scraping, and sanding that is necessary before you repaint the chairs and tables every year or so.  The cast iron is the worst, as it rusts so quickly in the acid rain.  The furniture gets to look so tacky after a few years that you are embarrassed about it.  Wood will rot after a while, even strong woods like teak and oak.  You need to paint or stain them ever year or two and that stain and paint builds up in a depressing way.

No Preparation or Painting for Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture does not rust like cast iron, nor does it rot like wood, and it does not need to be repainted at all.  The only maintenance needed is a good scrubbing at the beginning of each season, and then a dusting or wipe down every few weeks during the season.  It will save you a great deal of time and trouble because it is virtually maintenance free.

Make the Chairs More Comfortable

To make the chairs and loungers more comfortable you can add waterproof cushions.  These are available in a myriad of patterns and colors, and can add substantially to the look of comfort in your gazebo or on your patio.   Dressed up with planters and a barbeque and you have the perfect out door room.

Imposing Fence For Any Type of House

Over the years, fences have become more than just a barrier to keep other people out. It has completely morphed into one of the things that can increase the physical attractiveness of a house, as well as its value. Fences can either turn your property into something magnificent and magazine-worthy, or simply a dreadful place that even your closest friends and relatives would not appreciate. Here are some materials and styles you can choose in order to have an imposing fence.

Wood and Iron Fence

Wood will never go out of style because it is affordable, sturdy, and pleasant to look at. Wooden fences have long been used for different types of homes and until now, it does not seize to amaze people. To make it more interesting, combine your wooden fence with iron. Not only will it help fortify the fence, it will also add some flair.

Gabion Fence

This type of fence is a hybrid of different materials making it prettier, stronger, and long-lasting. Gabion fences are reminiscent of forts and huge barriers. Because of its huge construction, it will stop intruders at their tracks and turn them away, making your family safe, secure, and happy.

Timber Fence with Brick Pillar

If you think timber is too overrated but still want to use it anyway because of its many advantages, do not worry because you can still breathe new life into it. How? You just have to support it with a brick pillar. Due to the different materials used, the fence will appear more engaging to its beholders, namely your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Privacy Steel Fence

This is a great type of fence you can opt for if you do not want onlookers and neighbors to see what kind of activity you are doing inside your property. You can take advantage of this if you have a pool, or you simply love to lounge on the patio, deck, or garden.

Fences can come in different shapes and sizes. Before choosing a style, make sure that you really know what you want because it can spell the difference between a great-looking home, and a disaster. Plus, you do not want strangers inside your property, so it is best to keep them out by utilizing the right fence.

Home Office Ideas For Manly Men

Men strive hard to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to their career. For men who work from home, you will easily accomplish this by having the right office that will cater to your needs, as well as the type of project that you are finishing. Because some, but not all men tend to have a hard time when decorating, this article will lend you a helping hand. Without much ado, here are the ways you can decorate your home office.

Favor Leather

Masculine and tough guys usually use leather. That is why you will often see the handsome male lead in movies wearing one. Though it may seem cliché to some, leather still signifies power, wealth, and masculinity. Using it for your home office in a form of chair and sofas will immediately change the vibe.

Stable Colors

There is no shame in adding a dash of color in your outfit, things, and rooms. However, using a baby or bubblegum pink hue for your home office may be too much. If you are comfortable with it, then go and use it, but the color may distract you after a while so it is not advisable. Instead, go for warmer tones and stable hues.

Bring Technology To The Room

Men love technology, unless they are sleeping under a rock for the past decades. Seeing that you are a manly man who cares for his job and loves gizmos as well, you can use it to your advantage. Purchase state of the art computers, mp3’s and other cool toys that will make your work so much easier.

Display Your Inspiration

Men work hard, not only for themselves, but for their spouse, children, and loved ones. Displaying their picture will prevent you from hyperventilating and trashing the place when a project goes awry.
You are a grown man who knows what he is doing in life. However, sometimes you may need a little push, especially when office decoration and ideas are the topic. Instead of wasting your time contemplating on this project, just follow the ideas discussed and soon, you will have the home office that every masculine man deserves.

Front Door Decoration Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, experiencing the beauty of a house does not begin the instant you set foot inside it, but from the moment you see the front door. That is because the front door gives guests the impression of what the house has to offer. With this in mind, it is important to decorate your front door because it serves as a form of hint and welcome to every visitor. To assist you in this department, here are front door decorations you can use.

Door Knockers

Knockers have been around for many decades, and until now, many people still find them attractive and highly functional. Aside from its alerting purpose, a door knocker can be a good front door decoration. It comes in a variety of style, there are also made to order ones giving you the freedom to choose your own design and specifications.

Door Decal

People commonly use decal for their gadgets and vehicles. However, this can also be utilized as a form of front door decoration. The beauty of decal is it is highly versatile. You can either make your own design in accordance to the style and type of the door, or simply welcome your relatives, family and friends with a message inscribed with a decal.

Holiday Décor

Hit two birds with one stone by mounting a holiday décor in the front door. It will serve as a greeting to the guests while lending a beautiful aesthetic. Display hearts and cupid for Valentines, a mistletoe for Christmas, and so forth.

Arts and Crafts

For some homeowners, the front door is anything but a piece of wood made to secure the whole family. For them, it is much more than that because it serves as a canvass that they can use to showcase their craft making ability and natural talent when it comes to art. If you are gifted with these things, then use the arts and crafts you made, and display it on the front door for the whole world to see.

Front doors are special as it has many functions and potential. Decorate it with love and notice a huge difference in the overall ambiance of your house. By using the said decors, your family, friends, and relatives will definitely have a one of a kind experience before even stepping foot inside your home.

Big Tips For Small Kitchens

Aside from the bedroom, the kitchen is where all the magic happens. Yummy treats are prepared, decadent food are served, and different stories are swapped by the family members in this area. Knowing that the kitchen is loved by the whole gang, you have to ensure that it is well designed and will suit the needs and style of your family. Having problems because of its small structure? The tips below will help you.

Utilize The Walls For Storage

Cabinets are the usual go-to when finding a place to store your pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment. While that is the ideal setting, sometimes you have to think outside the box, especially when your kitchen is small. Instead of using big cabinets that will crowd the place, why not hang your kitchenware on the wall.

Use Bespoke for the Weird Corners

To maximize your small space, you have to use every corner that your eyes can see, even that weird angle between your sink and dishwasher. Sometimes you will not find a cabinet or equipment that will fit this small space on appliance or furniture stores. This is where bespoke furniture comes in. Because you had it done specifically for that corner, it will definitely fit like a glove.

Remove Clutter

A messy kitchen that is full of kitchenware, utensils, and the like is claustrophobia inducing. The area will look smaller, dirtier, and dreadful, especially to outsiders. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the things you do not need, and properly store the ones that you do.

Employ Large Widows and Glass Doors

Trick your mind into thinking that the kitchen is larger than it really is by using glass walls or windows. This will extend your view and make your movement easier. Blinds, shutters, and curtains can be utilized if you want to be discreet.

A small kitchen can be easily reinvented if you know a trick or two. Sometimes it is not about the space itself, but the things you put inside. Follow the tips above and experience a bigger, better kitchen that you and the whole family will enjoy every time you create a scrumptious meal.

Getting Your AC Ready for the Cooling Season

As the summer approaches the weather is getting hotter day by day. So your air conditioner that was unused for the long winter is finally going to work again. But starting to work after a long time can be a little hard. There are other maintenance works you need to do. These will make the Air Conditioner work for the cooling season.

Check Your Air Conditioner & Replace If Necessary

Air filters in your air conditioner do the most work in your air conditioning unit. So to make your air conditioner work again, you must clean the air filter properly. Since the filter is meant to prevent the dust to get in your system, it stops most of the dust by stopping the dust itself. So the air filters can get really dirty. If the filter is dirty, then the unit will not be able to work properly, because the dust will clog up the system. Then you will not get highest service. So you must clean the filter. Not only that, you also have to check up on the filter once or twice a month when the cooling season starts.

Keep It Clear

Since you did not use the air conditioner the entire winter, you may have placed some clothes near the air handler of your indoor air conditioner unit. Same goes for the outdoor air conditioner units. Keep them clear of the debris.  Do not make clutter around the air conditioner unit. If you do make clutter then the unit’s capacity will be reduced and you will not get proper service.

Make Registration In a Program Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners have a delicate mechanism. If you do not have at least some basic knowledge about it, then it is better you do not try to clean the AC by yourself. It is for the best that you take the help of the professionals. This will be a more economical choice.

The cooling season is coming. So make sure that you take good care of the air conditioner unit and maintain it well. Then you will have the best service from the AC and will not suffer from heat in the summer.

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

With the advancement of lifestyle, it is very evident that even furniture like the ones used in the living room is going with the flow as well. Homeowners opt for modern living room furniture mainly because of its sophisticated and space-saving style.

Characteristics of Modern Furniture

A lot of modern pieces are fabricated using designer fabrics or leather. The frames are normally done using metal or wood frames in order to ensure durability. These pieces also have streamlined look complete with different tones and soft textures. Most of the time, geometric shapes in bold colors are the highlights of the furniture. Furthermore, shapes and lines is the emphasis of the contemporary style.

Entertainment Area

Modern living room furniture also includes an entertainment center. Most of the time, it serves as the focal point of the entire area. You can have materials such as specialty woods, stained glass or carved decorations for the furniture set.

Mix and Match the Pieces

Mixing and matching of furniture pieces is a unique feature of contemporary living room setting. Instead of merely sticking to a streamlined design, you can add unique and odd pieces to make the room stand out.

If you want to make your living room a trendy and relaxing place in your house, you need to carefully place the furniture in their right location. This will make your living room larger and cozier. Choose the pieces wisely and let your creativity flow so that you can achieve the look you want for this area.

Decorate Your Home with Scented Candles

Scented candles are becoming a popular choice today as they are available in a wide array of scents. Flowers and fruits scents are the most common fragrances. However, there are also baking, earthy and some exotic scents. Combining some of these scents can create a unique smell for your home.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Candles are available in all sorts of shapes as well as sizes, and are accompanied with jars and pillars that suit them. These candles can be placed at the center of the dining table or in the living room or simply on your desk. Your choice is endless and variable. Make sure their quality is of true value for your money. This way, you will be able to enjoy the illumination provided by your candles inside tour home.

Various Colors and Scents

Besides the availability of these candles in different shapes and sizes, they are as well present in various colors and scents. Ensure that the candles you will be picking will match or complement the ambient mood and design of the rooms inside your house. This way, colors won’t clash and things will come in harmony with the things inside your room such as decors and furniture.

A home requires a lot of necessities such as lighting. With scented candles, you will be able to create a more elegant touch inside your humble home. And what’s even better is the fact that you can vary them depending on your emotions or mood such as being romantic or just having a relaxing ambiance.

5 Tips for a Smoother Renovation

Are you finally getting that second bathroom you’ve always wanted? Or maybe you’re just putting new counters in the kitchen. Whatever your reasons for the remodel, there are a few things you should know in advance to make the project unfold as quickly and painlessly as possible.

1. Stick to Your Budget

You’ll face plenty of temptations during your renovation. Oh, isn’t that upgrade nice? Well, this addition would only be a one-time expense. I bet the new carpet will improve our property value, anyway. Resist these urges and stick to your budget! You’ll be glad you did when the final bill comes.

2. Stay Organized

Keep all of your paperwork in a binder or folder of some kind. It’s the only way you’ll never lose track of all the receipts, blueprints, leases, schedules, zoning laws, phone numbers and paint samples that inevitably come with a home renovation project.

3. Hire the Right Contractor

Did you know that some states don’t even require their contractors to be licensed? Make sure you only hire the best. Ask them about their qualifications before they even step foot in your house, and if you aren’t satisfied with their professed skills or level of experience, move right along to the next potential hire.

4. Beware Mold

If mold is discovered on your property during a remodeling project, your contractors are legally and ethically required to halt all progress until the problem is resolved. This could turn into weeks of delays! If you want to avoid such a grisly fate, make arrangements for mold remediation near Washington DC at the very first sign of trouble.

5. Stay on Schedule

While interruptions and setbacks are a normal part of the remodeling process, try not to let things get too behind. A cushion of 2-3 days isn’t a big deal, but anything more than that and you need to let your contractor know that things should be speeding up. If you’re worried that he might be moving slowly on purpose, make him sign a contract that cuts into his profits for every day the project falls behind. He’ll whip his team into shape quickly enough after that!

These are just a few tips for a faster and more efficient home remodeling project. Remember, by making plans today, you could save yourself a lot of headache tomorrow!