Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

What are the best vacuums for removing pet hair? If you are anything like our family then you know what it is to have pet hair in your home. We have three cats, and these animals are members of our family and have complete access. That means we need to keep on top of the cat hair problem at all times, and finding the best vacuum for the job has been a passion of ours. We decided to see if we could test out three of the best vacuums on the market to see if which was the best and these are our results.

Dyson-DC41 Animal Bagless Cleaner

A magnificent pet hair-removing vacuum cleaner, definitely the best of he lot. You do not have to carry the whole thing up the stairs, the nozzle, and no bending over because it has a long handle. The mini turbine head works to clean the pet hair from corners and easily slides under furniture. No waste bags either to dispose of; we can put the hair in the compost heap. It is expensive, but worth it.

Shark Navigator Professional-Lift-Away-Cleaner

We loved the Dyson but this Shark is a good much cheaper unit! It works almost well as the Dyson. The Shark Navigator removes the Persian cat hair, which is small and fiddly and tends to matte in to the rugs. The Shark worked well. It is not quite as easy to navigate up and down the stairs as the Dyson and it also is not as nice for getting around in small spaces, but as it is less than half the price, in some places, it might be the right thing for a large group of people.

Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, we reviewed the Miele S7210 Twist. It turned out to be very easy to maneuver and it easily moved from carpet to hardwood floors. It does work well on pet hair but we worry how it will work after a time, as most suction vacuums seem to lose their power after a few months working with the amount of pet hair we have. We plan to stick with the Dyson for now, even though it is expense.

Tile For Your Kitchen Floor

The kitchen is one of the most focal point of your home. Family members gather here to have meals everyday. If the kitchen’s beautiful, then it will leave a refreshing impression on the mind of the family members. So let’s talk about how you can give the floor of your kitchen a complete makeover with tiles.

Why Choose Tile

Kitchen is an area than tends to get wet almost frequently. So the normal floor or the wood floor faces the challenger to keep the original beauty intact. So people have been exploring many kitchen tile floor ideas. Tiles are one of the best alternatives. They are durable, relatively cheap and rather stylish. You must not use glossy tile on the kitchen floor. Use the ones with a rough surface. Since the kitchen floor gets wet easily, you will only increase the chance of getting slipped. There are many different types of tile. You can choose any one of them.

Positioning Tiles

Tile should be positioned according to your taste. You can place it under the oven or in the back as a backsplash. Cover around the sink. Place it accordingly and strategically. Make it look good. You can use ceramic tile for a better look. But the ceramic tile is way more costly than normal tiles. You could use vinyl, porcelain, stones in the low highlighted areas. The quality of the tile would be according to the traffic that it would have to face. You’d better use fight quality tile in the high traffic zones. Then the problem would be solved.

Budget Management

Normally the simple tiles do not cost much. But if you want to do total kitchen remodeling then your cost can spike dangerously. Especially, when you want to use custom made tiles they cost will be significantly higher. So use your budget wisely and carefully.

Placing the tiles properly can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. When you do kitchen remodeling, take professional help. It will be a better job if it has the touch of an expert in it. Also spend your money wisely and make a magnificent kitchen.

Make Your Front Yard More Lively

The front yard is like the signboard of a house owner. It shows off the good taste of the owner. The elegance of the house is determined mostly by the how the yard look. Since the first impression of the residents is made by the good yard, so we should take measures to make the yard beautiful.

Select a Design

If you want to remodel a yard, then you must have to select a design. The design could of any kind. Normally I suggest people go green. It is a lot cheaper but does the work all the same. Also, it is eco friendly and energy efficient. You can choose a little bit of vintage too. One thing is certain. You have to choose the design according to the space that you have. For bigger space, you can be more creative. But if you do not have a space big enough, then you would just have to spend the space wisely. It all depends on how much creative you are. Normally I find the small space landscape designing challenging and amazing at the same time. Challenge brings out the potentials.

Lighting – The lighting is very important in the designing. You have to consider that whether you have enough fixtures that can support the lighting. Also look carefully if the fixtures hamper other things in the garden.

Include a Walkway – This may be your choice. A walkway will add new dimension to your recreational and leisure time. You can put some statue made of stone on the both sides of the walkway just to add some different taste.

Softscape – This style includes plants. It is best used if the yard is quite big. You can use this in smaller yards, but that may not be enough.

Pond & Walls – This is only for the big yards. You also have to spend the most for it. You can add a wall along the driveway. Put a pond in the yard. Also put some goldfishes in it. This is one of the exotic styles.

Whatever style you choose, make sure that you are you are using your full creativity. Also you have to feel comfortable about the design. If you are not comfortable, then the most beautiful design will lose its purposes. So choose carefully.

How To Choose Colors For Your Walls

Choosing the best colors is dependant on your creativity and the budget. Your taste is also responsible for it. But choosing the paint for the walls could be difficult as there are numerous options. In this case choose the color that best suits your needs.

Choose The Color By Giving Trial At Home

When you go to the market to buy the paint, the colors are displayed in the display. But that is not enough. Different colors look different providing the lighting conditions and locations. So you must give at one trial of the color and you must do the trial in the room in question. You do not have to waste a lot of colors. Just paint a little part from each of the four walls and see how it looks. If you do not like the colors or the colors do not match with your taste, do not worry, there are infinite options.

Choose Eco-friendly Paint

The whole world is going green. So when you are choosing the paint for your house, then buy eco-friendly paint. Ask the retailer if the product is harmful for the human and animals. Some paints contain harmful chemicals which may not be as harmful to the humans but very much dangerous for the pets. Normally the paint has a certification stamp on the container to let you know that the pain is not harmful. However, it is highly recommended that you buy paints from a trusted supplier. In this way, you will have more discounts and have good paint.

Paint According To Your Need

You have to paint, as the conditions require. You have to use tougher paints on the exterior walls. Make sure that they withstand the weather of your area. The paint should be heat repellant, dust repallant and water repellant. The colors on the outside should be bright. And the inside may be as per your choice. Light colors are the wisest choice.

The color of your walls is the sole reflection of your taste. You have to choose them wisely. Repainting is a costly job. So make sure you choose a color that is durable and has a pleasant effect on the mind of the house members.

Adding Mirrors to Foyers

Foyers can often be dark closed in spaces especially in smaller older homes and apartments.  This makes sense, as people did not want to waste space in areas that were not really used.  In today’s world; however, we like to make these spaces more inviting.  They say that first impressions are everything, and if your foyer were a visitor’s first impression, it would be nice at least to lighten it up.

Adding mirrors to the walls

In small foyers and halls, adding a mirror to a wall or cupboard can be an excellent addition to lighten up the space.  Selecting the right mirror can greatly increase the generation of light and will actually create an airy atmosphere.  For example, if you use a mirror with a large deep frame, the mirror will not emit much light, and you will not lighten the space very much.  It is best to use a mirror, which does not have a deep frame or even a frameless mirror.  Lighter colored frames are also better additions, unless your walls are painted a very light color.

Type of mirror

There are mirrors that fit all types of decors from antique to modern to minimalist.   It is important to remember that people will use foyer mirrors to look at themselves, so do not use mirrors tinged with yellow.  It tends to make women look sallow and will put them into a very poor mood!

Another type of mirror to use is the wall mirror, or alternatively a mirrored door on a cupboard.  This can be a great addition as long as it is done with style and class.  It can in fact almost double the appearance of space in a small foyer or hall.

Adding light reflection to mirrors

When putting up mirrors on walls, add wall sconces right by the mirrors, then the light from these sconces will reflect in the mirror increasing the overall light of the small foyer.  This will also alleviate the need to have a too bright light in an overhead lamp, which can wash out the colors of the room, and people’s faces.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ovens

Stainless steel wall mounted ovens are a great addition and space saver for any kitchen design.  Although many believe these to be a very modern invention, we had one back in the mid-1960s in our home in Toronto Canada.  These are a wonderful space saver, and they also save the stress and strains on the cooks back, as you do not need to bend over nearly as much to get things out of the oven.  Stainless steel is all the rage, and it does look very elegant in a kitchen, even though it is difficult to keep clean with children in the house.

Single or Double Ovens

Single wall mounted ovens have a single door opening, and a single temperature control.  You can also get single-double wall ovens, which are the same size as single ovens, but they have two separate compartments.  Each compartment has its own temperature control. This is a wonderful addition as you can cook two things at once, at two different temperatures; a roast in the top larger oven, and a pie in the lower, smaller oven.

There are also complete double ovens, which are twice the size of a single oven, and operate as two separate heating and cooking units.  You can combine these and the single ovens with microwave ovens creating a centralized cooking area.

Oven Widths

Wall Ovens come in a several different widths.  The most popular and the ones usually installed in a family kitchen are 30 inches wide.  This will meet all family cooking needs.  For smaller spaces, and compact kitchens you can get wall ovens in sizes of 24 and 27 inches.  These are excellent space savers and look lovely in apartment and modern up to date smaller kitchens.

Method of Cooking

Wall ovens tend to be produced mostly as electric ovens as most cooks prefer the more regular overall heating of this method; however, you can get wall ovens, which heat, with gas if this is your preferred method of cooking.  The other nice thing about wall ovens is you can have an electric oven, and a gas cook top, which many cooks prefer.

How To Make The Most of Your Outdoor Space

Having a large outdoor space with your home is a blessing that many people do not even realize. This can end up being a large extension of your home if the space is utilized correctly. Some people do not use this space as they have no idea how to use it efficiently while others just think that it would be above their budget. A large outdoor space can be used for a variety of things including kids play space, entertaining space, a deck, or even a pool.

The outdoor space is perfect for having a party where you don’t have to worry about cleaning the home. All you will have to worry about is which Denver Hair Salons or salons in your area have the best deals this week. Having adequate seating for those outside during the party is important. This shouldn’t be a problem as lawn furniture can be relatively cheap if it is just for extra seating. Having a nice fire pit is something that can take a party far into the night.

The outdoor space of your home is the best place for your children to play. Setting a treehouse or jungle gym will not take much time but your children will enjoy hundreds of hours playing outside. Something else that is great for children is building a pool, teaching a child how to swim is essential if you are to do this. If your child doesn’t know how to swim this can be dangerous, having a gate is necessary in these instances. It is easier and more visually appealing to teach your child how to swim rather than set up the gate.

Outdoor space can be used to build a garage or workspace depending on your needs.  This can be a place to get away or simple store things as well. Garages that are separate from the home can also be turned into a small apartment if you are looking for rental income.

As you can see these are just a few ideas for your large outdoor space. The worst thing you can do is not use this space as it is a component of your home that can boost its value!

What To Do With a Small Attic Space

We all want to make the most of our homes, and this includes any attic space, no matter how small it may be. There are a number of great ways of using small spaces, and of creating lightness and airiness in what appears to be a tight space.

Attic is too small for a Bedroom

Often you would like to add an additional bedroom to my home, but the attic is just too small.  There are a number of regulations about how big a room must be, and no one likes to be sleeping in a cramped small space.  This does not mean that you cannot find a good use for your small attic, especially if it has a high ceiling and a window.

Home Office

If your attic has a high ceiling, and a window, then you may be able to make the space into a home office.  It might be a great place for a getaway for mom, or dad, or a student to work.  Although it may not be the place to spend days on end, a quiet upper story space with plenty of light can be perfect for studying for exams, or getting a report finished for the office.

As long as you are not claustrophobic, these can be splendid get away places.  A desk or table, a comfortable work chair, with plenty of light and the ability to see out the window like in the picture, and you can have a comfortable place to work.


Of course, many people use their attics for storage, but instead of just throwing everything in higgledy piggery, there are plenty of ways to create an organized storage experience.  Shelves can be added to walls, plastic containers can be used, and areas can be marketed off for the storage of different types of goods.  If you are like many people and you keep everything, it is vital that you keep those things in an organized way or the “things” will take over your world. Get your Attic organized and then you can keep whatever you want and even find it whenever you want it too.

Cast Aluminum Is Best for Patio Furniture

It is springtime and that is the time to get your garden ready for the living in again.  Many people love to spend as much time as possible out in the open air, and who can blame them.  Getting the patio furniture ready is much easier than it used to be, that is if you have or plan to purchase cast aluminum patio furniture.

Problems with Wood and Cast Iron Patio Furniture

If you have used wood and/or cast iron patio furniture in the past, then you will be familiar with the scraping, and sanding that is necessary before you repaint the chairs and tables every year or so.  The cast iron is the worst, as it rusts so quickly in the acid rain.  The furniture gets to look so tacky after a few years that you are embarrassed about it.  Wood will rot after a while, even strong woods like teak and oak.  You need to paint or stain them ever year or two and that stain and paint builds up in a depressing way.

No Preparation or Painting for Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture does not rust like cast iron, nor does it rot like wood, and it does not need to be repainted at all.  The only maintenance needed is a good scrubbing at the beginning of each season, and then a dusting or wipe down every few weeks during the season.  It will save you a great deal of time and trouble because it is virtually maintenance free.

Make the Chairs More Comfortable

To make the chairs and loungers more comfortable you can add waterproof cushions.  These are available in a myriad of patterns and colors, and can add substantially to the look of comfort in your gazebo or on your patio.   Dressed up with planters and a barbeque and you have the perfect out door room.

Imposing Fence For Any Type of House

Over the years, fences have become more than just a barrier to keep other people out. It has completely morphed into one of the things that can increase the physical attractiveness of a house, as well as its value. Fences can either turn your property into something magnificent and magazine-worthy, or simply a dreadful place that even your closest friends and relatives would not appreciate. Here are some materials and styles you can choose in order to have an imposing fence.

Wood and Iron Fence

Wood will never go out of style because it is affordable, sturdy, and pleasant to look at. Wooden fences have long been used for different types of homes and until now, it does not seize to amaze people. To make it more interesting, combine your wooden fence with iron. Not only will it help fortify the fence, it will also add some flair.

Gabion Fence

This type of fence is a hybrid of different materials making it prettier, stronger, and long-lasting. Gabion fences are reminiscent of forts and huge barriers. Because of its huge construction, it will stop intruders at their tracks and turn them away, making your family safe, secure, and happy.

Timber Fence with Brick Pillar

If you think timber is too overrated but still want to use it anyway because of its many advantages, do not worry because you can still breathe new life into it. How? You just have to support it with a brick pillar. Due to the different materials used, the fence will appear more engaging to its beholders, namely your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Privacy Steel Fence

This is a great type of fence you can opt for if you do not want onlookers and neighbors to see what kind of activity you are doing inside your property. You can take advantage of this if you have a pool, or you simply love to lounge on the patio, deck, or garden.

Fences can come in different shapes and sizes. Before choosing a style, make sure that you really know what you want because it can spell the difference between a great-looking home, and a disaster. Plus, you do not want strangers inside your property, so it is best to keep them out by utilizing the right fence.