Tips for Hosting a Large Crowd

Have you graciously offered to host a large celebration, reunion of commemorative event?  The prospect of hosting a large crowd may well be cause for excitement or quite possibly send you into super stress mode. Whether you’re an experienced entertainer or a novice, remind yourself that the focus of every large event is the guests and the occasion, not your ability to serve a five course meal to fifty people. Take a deep breath and follow these proven recommendations from the professional event planner and caterers to ensure your event is a huge success. The key element that professional event planner and caterers agree on is that advanced planning is critical for successfully entertaining a large crowd.

The first step is to establish your budget and gather your guest list. If the event is casual in nature, it’s perfectly acceptable to send eVites to guests. There are many websites that have a huge array of templates and great dashboards for sending eVites. One of the advantages is the ability to see which guests have opened the invitation as well as a running tally of responses on the dashboard. Make arrangements in advance for accommodations for guests that will be travelling in from out of town. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the terrific rates available from Depending on the number of rooms needed, many hotel chains and independent hotels will offered reduced rates for groups. Be sure to make these arrangements in advance and let guest know of any special rates or discounts available.

If you’re function is to be held outside, make sure there is ample space to host the number of guests you anticipate. While it’s always great fun to have a garden party, it’s also very important to have a realistic plan B should the weather not cooperate. Identify seating for guests and a space for both a buffet and a bar. Consider adding string lights and cables for a festive look. Fresh flowers and upbeat music will set the tone for a fun event. Have plenty of coolers and ice on hand as well. If you are expecting an exceptionally large crowd, consider options for parking as well.

Begin to make plans for the menu. You don’t need to be an executive chef or have an enormous budget to feed a large crowd. Hamburgers on the grill and salads are always welcome. Consider preparing several trays of lasagna in advance and making fresh salads and Italian bread on the day of the event.  Select items for your menu that can be prepared well in advance.  With a house full of guests, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen preparing food and missing your own party. Welcome your guests with a smile, direct them to the bar and commit to having a grand time at the event you’ve volunteered to host. Best of luck to you and your guests on a terrific celebration!

Decorating Your Foyer with Exciting Wall Papers

Foyers are a great way to express your artistry and creativity on your house. Any foyer can be decorated in any way you want or according to your house current designs, decoration or theme. To some, painting the whole wall to display how artistic they can is a hard work and might even cost them their time. As such, a good alternative can be used to make up for these lost time and excessive effort.

foyer design ideas

Since paints are becoming expensive and can cause bad odors to the house, the use of wall papers is something that you should also consider. Not only that these wall papers are easy to install or use but it also has different designs and prints that you can select. Wall papers are also cheaper than paints and can easily be arranged or aligned according to your liking. Wall paper design comes in different colors from bold to light, pastels and animal prints.

foyer design

These lovely wall papers will surely give a pleasing ambiance to your foyer especially when you decorate it with lovely ornaments and tables or might as well hang a mirror on the wall. Adding flowers on the table that matches the decoration or the prints and designs of your wall paper also brings out the best appearance to your house. There is actually no limitation as to what type of design that you can choose when you are remodeling your foyer however you should know that there are different choices based on designs and expenses that you can choose.