Philippine Jeepney in Different Shapes and Sizes

When you say “jeepney” in the Philippines, it doesn’t refer to the brand of popular sport utility and off- road vehicles. Instead “jeepney” refers to local transportation that can carry twelve to twenty- four passengers and ply through government- assigned routes.

These rides come in different sizes and makes. Some are made of aluminum and steel while others are modified Multicab or Mitsubishi L300 FB vans. Aluminum and steel jeepneys are usually custom- made with designs often featuring portraits of family members, or other popular icons such as basketball players, professional wrestlers, cartoon characters or race cars. Multicabs converted to passenger jeepneys are more common in Davao City, that’s located somewhere in the south.

Jeepneys are essentially the most popular modes of transport in the Philippines. Fares are generally cheaper although passengers risk getting stuck in traffic and being late for an appointment. Crafty drivers find alternate routes and their barkers often maximize the capacity of their vehicles by allowing male passengers to hang onto the outside rails of the jeepney entrance. The latter practice, however, is punishable by confiscation of the driver’s license.