Google Analytics Makes Web Traffic Analysis Easy

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for website owners and online marketers alike. The system allows account holders to measure the effectiveness of their page via metrics identified by default as well as those that they themselves have set- up.

Right now, I use it in studying the website traffic our company page is getting. It basically helps me in analyzing the behavior of our page visitors as well as in summarizing our surface- level metrics such as visits and new visits. With Google Analytics, I’m also able to do deeper analysis by learning about Bounce Rates, Time on Site, and the path of pages visitors see when they come to our site.

What’s more awesome is that Google Analytics has this feature which allows users to view their live pages and the system plots percentages on the page to identify the frequency or number of clicks each spot or links gets from visitors. This is especially useful in designing and modifying websites in order to optimize this marketing tool.