Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

What are the best vacuums for removing pet hair? If you are anything like our family then you know what it is to have pet hair in your home. We have three cats, and these animals are members of our family and have complete access. That means we need to keep on top of the cat hair problem at all times, and finding the best vacuum for the job has been a passion of ours. We decided to see if we could test out three of the best vacuums on the market to see if which was the best and these are our results.

Dyson-DC41 Animal Bagless Cleaner

A magnificent pet hair-removing vacuum cleaner, definitely the best of he lot. You do not have to carry the whole thing up the stairs, the nozzle, and no bending over because it has a long handle. The mini turbine head works to clean the pet hair from corners and easily slides under furniture. No waste bags either to dispose of; we can put the hair in the compost heap. It is expensive, but worth it.

Shark Navigator Professional-Lift-Away-Cleaner

We loved the Dyson but this Shark is a good much cheaper unit! It works almost well as the Dyson. The Shark Navigator removes the Persian cat hair, which is small and fiddly and tends to matte in to the rugs. The Shark worked well. It is not quite as easy to navigate up and down the stairs as the Dyson and it also is not as nice for getting around in small spaces, but as it is less than half the price, in some places, it might be the right thing for a large group of people.

Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, we reviewed the Miele S7210 Twist. It turned out to be very easy to maneuver and it easily moved from carpet to hardwood floors. It does work well on pet hair but we worry how it will work after a time, as most suction vacuums seem to lose their power after a few months working with the amount of pet hair we have. We plan to stick with the Dyson for now, even though it is expense.