A Termite Inspection Is Advantageous Before You Sell Your Home

Many years have gone by since you had to deal with a termite infestation, but now that you’re planning to sell your home, you want to make sure there are no termites anywhere on the premises. Texas is prone to termites, as these destructive pests thrive in the heat. A company such as Spectra Property Services can inspect your home and all the buildings on your property, as well as any wood fences that could be harboring termites.

If everything works out as you hope, the technicians will not find any evidence of termites. If they do spot signs of a possible infestation, they will quickly get to work to eliminate the bugs and to prevent a future invasion. One effective strategy for eliminating termites involves the application of a specialized pesticide that the insects transfer throughout the colony. Check it out here if you are interested in learning more.

Poison bait stations also attract termites; the slow-acting insecticide does not kill the bugs until they have left the area. This has the advantage of not alerting other termites to the danger.

When your property gets a clean bill of health confirming there is no termite infestation, your real estate agent can show that documentation to prospective buyers for their peace of mind. Contact termite control professionals for an inspection before listing your house for sale.