Adding Mirrors to Foyers

Foyers can often be dark closed in spaces especially in smaller older homes and apartments.  This makes sense, as people did not want to waste space in areas that were not really used.  In today’s world; however, we like to make these spaces more inviting.  They say that first impressions are everything, and if your foyer were a visitor’s first impression, it would be nice at least to lighten it up.

Adding mirrors to the walls

In small foyers and halls, adding a mirror to a wall or cupboard can be an excellent addition to lighten up the space.  Selecting the right mirror can greatly increase the generation of light and will actually create an airy atmosphere.  For example, if you use a mirror with a large deep frame, the mirror will not emit much light, and you will not lighten the space very much.  It is best to use a mirror, which does not have a deep frame or even a frameless mirror.  Lighter colored frames are also better additions, unless your walls are painted a very light color.

Type of mirror

There are mirrors that fit all types of decors from antique to modern to minimalist.   It is important to remember that people will use foyer mirrors to look at themselves, so do not use mirrors tinged with yellow.  It tends to make women look sallow and will put them into a very poor mood!

Another type of mirror to use is the wall mirror, or alternatively a mirrored door on a cupboard.  This can be a great addition as long as it is done with style and class.  It can in fact almost double the appearance of space in a small foyer or hall.

Adding light reflection to mirrors

When putting up mirrors on walls, add wall sconces right by the mirrors, then the light from these sconces will reflect in the mirror increasing the overall light of the small foyer.  This will also alleviate the need to have a too bright light in an overhead lamp, which can wash out the colors of the room, and people’s faces.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ovens

Stainless steel wall mounted ovens are a great addition and space saver for any kitchen design.  Although many believe these to be a very modern invention, we had one back in the mid-1960s in our home in Toronto Canada.  These are a wonderful space saver, and they also save the stress and strains on the cooks back, as you do not need to bend over nearly as much to get things out of the oven.  Stainless steel is all the rage, and it does look very elegant in a kitchen, even though it is difficult to keep clean with children in the house.

Single or Double Ovens

Single wall mounted ovens have a single door opening, and a single temperature control.  You can also get single-double wall ovens, which are the same size as single ovens, but they have two separate compartments.  Each compartment has its own temperature control. This is a wonderful addition as you can cook two things at once, at two different temperatures; a roast in the top larger oven, and a pie in the lower, smaller oven.

There are also complete double ovens, which are twice the size of a single oven, and operate as two separate heating and cooking units.  You can combine these and the single ovens with microwave ovens creating a centralized cooking area.

Oven Widths

Wall Ovens come in a several different widths.  The most popular and the ones usually installed in a family kitchen are 30 inches wide.  This will meet all family cooking needs.  For smaller spaces, and compact kitchens you can get wall ovens in sizes of 24 and 27 inches.  These are excellent space savers and look lovely in apartment and modern up to date smaller kitchens.

Method of Cooking

Wall ovens tend to be produced mostly as electric ovens as most cooks prefer the more regular overall heating of this method; however, you can get wall ovens, which heat, with gas if this is your preferred method of cooking.  The other nice thing about wall ovens is you can have an electric oven, and a gas cook top, which many cooks prefer.

What To Do With a Small Attic Space

We all want to make the most of our homes, and this includes any attic space, no matter how small it may be. There are a number of great ways of using small spaces, and of creating lightness and airiness in what appears to be a tight space.

Attic is too small for a Bedroom

Often you would like to add an additional bedroom to my home, but the attic is just too small.  There are a number of regulations about how big a room must be, and no one likes to be sleeping in a cramped small space.  This does not mean that you cannot find a good use for your small attic, especially if it has a high ceiling and a window.

Home Office

If your attic has a high ceiling, and a window, then you may be able to make the space into a home office.  It might be a great place for a getaway for mom, or dad, or a student to work.  Although it may not be the place to spend days on end, a quiet upper story space with plenty of light can be perfect for studying for exams, or getting a report finished for the office.

As long as you are not claustrophobic, these can be splendid get away places.  A desk or table, a comfortable work chair, with plenty of light and the ability to see out the window like in the picture, and you can have a comfortable place to work.


Of course, many people use their attics for storage, but instead of just throwing everything in higgledy piggery, there are plenty of ways to create an organized storage experience.  Shelves can be added to walls, plastic containers can be used, and areas can be marketed off for the storage of different types of goods.  If you are like many people and you keep everything, it is vital that you keep those things in an organized way or the “things” will take over your world. Get your Attic organized and then you can keep whatever you want and even find it whenever you want it too.

French Country Design Ideas

French Country is a hugely popular style of interior design because it blends the elegance and beauty of a European home with the simplicity and comfort of a house in the country. Attractive furnishings that are combined with soft and soothing patterns and colours are characteristic of French Country.

If you are interested in incorporating some French Country design ideas throughout your own home, continue reading for a few ideas to help you get started.

Rounded Edges

To bring a sense of softness into a space, look for rounded edges and curves in everything from your window frames to archways that separate one room from another. Even chairs designed with curved backs can be a great addition to your space to add a bit of French Country style to it. But do not just stick with major furnishings; instead, look for details where you can incorporate this element, such as your wallpaper design, upholstery pattern, and various decorative accents.

The Right Fabrics

When it comes to choosing fabrics that will adorn your space, look for vibrant shades that will exemplify what French Country is all about. Colours like green, red, blue, black, and yellow are very popular in the world of fabrics, such as toile, that can be used within this design style. Striped and checkered patterns on fabrics of your choice are also great additions to any room, and combining these elements will bring a French Country style together rather quickly.

The Right Colours

White is a hugely popular colour in French Country designs. Imagine a large bed that is covered in white fabrics, right down to gorgeous ruffles and lace. So even though vibrant colours, as mentioned above, are an integral component of French Country interior design, you do not have to merely stick with these options when you are creating your space. Incorporate white and cream shades to evoke a delicate and serene atmosphere in any room, such as your bedroom.

Distressed Pieces of Furniture

Distressed furniture is yet another classic element of French Country interior designs. Although these pieces look weathered and worn, they are actually still in great shape, yet they add to that rustic country appearance that evokes warmth and comfort and an old-fashioned feeling that is in stark contrast to today’s modern furnishing designs.

You can take just about any piece of furniture and make it look older than it is with the right DIY approaches. Or you can opt for vintage pieces that you can find at antique shops or online. You may even have some old furniture that has naturally become worn with time. Leaving it as-is and designing around it will make it blend perfectly into your French Country scheme.

French Country is a great interior design style for any home, from a city apartment to Montreal real estate, beach houses, and more. Once you get the hang of what colours, fabrics, and furniture to choose, you’ll see your home transform into a cosy yet elegant space that you’ll love being in.

Price Watch for Hiring Contemporary House Designers

Advancing from traditional home to contemporary requires a creative mind that can capture your desired style, status and personality on the right price. Hiring an interior designer is a usual process if you basically know what you wanted but could not think of a way to make it into reality. Interior designers are professionally trained to transfer your ideas to reality with their skills and creativity. However, hiring them needs to be done carefully because you would now know up to what extent you can handle them in terms of payments and planning.

How to choose an interior designer

When hiring an interior designer, you must first look in to his past jobs as much as possible. You can determine their designing skills as soon as you can see their portfolio as well as the number of contractors that they have and the style of business that they are running. You can search the internet and magazines for names of designers that will best suit your taste and plans that you have for your home because the more close these designer’s work on the plans you have, the lesser problems you will have to encounter in the future.

Choosing the right price

Hiring an interior designer usually cost a lot because they usually come in packages. This means that they will either agree on a full payment before they start the job, accepts payment before and after the job or be paid during days of duty. The cost also depends on the number and sizes of rooms that they will design. As such inclusive on the price are the type of designs you wanted and the types of materials that they needed which of course is very important to every interior designer.

Bring in the Luck for 2014

A simple décor can change your luck for this year. Start the year right by celebrating the new year donning your windows with grapes. A New year ritual that has been done by so many people all over the world. Chinese, Westerners, Latinos. This simple ritual brings in hope, wonder and yes Luck.

Your parents may not have taught you this ritual but it’s worth a try and it will keep your home smelling sweet and beautiful. Start the year with the enduring harvests, a great day to celebrate merry making despite the cold and the dreary weather.

Wine may have played a great part for this ritual. Since time memorial the merry men and women had wine to thank for that. Wine that came from grapes, that may be sweet, sour, tangy and even bitter, this fabulous drink just keeps the party going.

You may not want to fill up your home with grapes, but even one branch of grape vine hanging on your window can bring in that luck we all so wanted to come in our Homes.

Maintaining Beauty of a Wall Fountain

Wall fountains are attractive and very relaxing feature of your house. Many believed that it can heal your emotional, psychological and physical illness in some ways hence needed to have proper care of your body is still important. Having a wall fountain can improve the ambiance of your home but to get this kind of satisfaction, you also want to conserve water and maintain the fountain. You can do this by installing ​​Universal Flow Monitors and following the tips below.

How to maintain clean water in wall fountains

Wall fountains depending on the size can carry massive amount of water in different speeds per circulation of the pump however the water can cause the pump and the surface of the wall to develop molds. These cases will also affect the color and odor of the wall fountain which can also affect the humidity of your house or business. Wall fountain maintenance should be done every two or at least once a month to ensure that the water is clear and free from bacteria. The pump should also be cleaned every now and then for these mold build-ups.

Cleaning the wall surface

Wall fountains are made up of different materials. Some are made from bricks; others are made of stones however contemporary wall fountains are now made from glass which can show different effects of the salt in the water making it look white. While this cycle will continue, having two weeks or every month to brush the surface of the fountain can improve its appearance and humidity instantly.