Time to Get Your Air Conditioners Ready for Summer

Every year at around this time, it is very wise to have your air conditioners inspected and checked to make sure they are in the proper working order. There are a number of vital electrical parts to an air conditioner and it must be functioning perfectly to keep your house cool while using the minimum amount of electricity.

Central Air Conditioners Need Annual Servicing

All central air conditioners need to be serviced every year. These units use a great deal of electricity, and the older they become, the more electricity they use. They can also begin to leak their cooling compound, which not only reduces their ability to cool, but it can also cause damage to the surrounding areas. Modern air conditioners do not contain Freon any longer, and therefore are not a danger to the ozone layer, but older units do.

Central Air Conditions have short life spans

The life span of a central air conditioner is only about seven years. This is mainly because the technology is moving so quickly that newer models are just getting so much better than the older models. If your unit is older than seven years, you should consider replacing it. The amount you will save on energy will probably pay for the replacement within a years or so.

Portable Air Conditioners

The great new invention of the portable air conditioner is twofold. It does not just cool the air, and it is not just that you can move it around easily from room to room, but it most often also contains two other essential tools to make your home’s air better. It will dehumidify the air, removing moisture and it will purify the air removing contaminates. Both these will make living in your home a much nicer experience.

Getting Your AC Ready for the Cooling Season

As the summer approaches the weather is getting hotter day by day. So your air conditioner that was unused for the long winter is finally going to work again. But starting to work after a long time can be a little hard. There are other maintenance works you need to do. These will make the Air Conditioner work for the cooling season.

Check Your Air Conditioner & Replace If Necessary

Air filters in your air conditioner do the most work in your air conditioning unit. So to make your air conditioner work again, you must clean the air filter properly. Since the filter is meant to prevent the dust to get in your system, it stops most of the dust by stopping the dust itself. So the air filters can get really dirty. If the filter is dirty, then the unit will not be able to work properly, because the dust will clog up the system. Then you will not get highest service. So you must clean the filter. Not only that, you also have to check up on the filter once or twice a month when the cooling season starts.

Keep It Clear

Since you did not use the air conditioner the entire winter, you may have placed some clothes near the air handler of your indoor air conditioner unit. Same goes for the outdoor air conditioner units. Keep them clear of the debris.  Do not make clutter around the air conditioner unit. If you do make clutter then the unit’s capacity will be reduced and you will not get proper service.

Make Registration In a Program Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners have a delicate mechanism. If you do not have at least some basic knowledge about it, then it is better you do not try to clean the AC by yourself. It is for the best that you take the help of the professionals. This will be a more economical choice.

The cooling season is coming. So make sure that you take good care of the air conditioner unit and maintain it well. Then you will have the best service from the AC and will not suffer from heat in the summer.

How to Better Cool a Room with High Ceilings

Nowadays it’s become the trend to make the homes more energy efficient. People are trying to find the means to use less energy to get the work done and keeping the expense to the minimum. But when the summer comes it makes the bill go high and it’s a serious problem to cool the room if the ceiling is high.

You can use some tricks to cool down a room with high ceiling. Some tricks costs a little money some, none at all.

Match Your Air Conditioner’s Capability

Normally your AC cools down your room by square feet capacity. If your room ceiling is higher than normal, then it may prove to be much more than the capacity of your air conditioner. If so, your AC won’t be able to work properly and have to work extra to cool the room. Thus the bill will be high.

In this case just check the capacity of the AC and replace it. It will be better for the long term.

Reposition The Condenser

The air conditioner’s condenser is what cools down the air and sends the air in your room. If it is in a place that stays hot most of the day then your condenser will not be able to work properly. Do not place the condenser in the direct sunlight. It is wise not to place the condenser near the western wall since it is the hottest side of the house.

Insert Ceiling Fans

If you can not replace the AC then insert some ceiling fans. They will increase the air circulations in the room and help the AC to cool the room. It is recommended to place near the hottest parts of the room. Insert more than one if the room is very big.

Increase The Ventilation

In the summer the temperature can go up to a hundred and sixty Fahrenheit. Increasing the ventilation is a smart choice. It works better at night when the weather is relatively cooler. You have to install a whole house fan for that. You may say that it will need lots of money but it is less than the Air conditioner.

A high ceiling is not very energy efficient. So you should not make ceilings very high. Then it will be easy to make the room cool easily. Or you can use the tricks mentioned above to cool down a room with high ceiling.

Insulation Is The Key To Total Comfort

Although regular maintenance keeps an HVAC system running smoothly, the cooled or heated air will not stay in a home if the insulation is poor. So, if you plan to buy an HVAC unit, ensure that all leaks are properly sealed. Typically, most insulation projects should be handled by a professional. However, there are two insulation tasks that any homeowner can tackle.

Place Insulation Around Your Recessed Lights

If your home has recessed lights, there may be vents to lead to the attic. You must seal this direct route so that your heated or cooled air won’t escape. However, if your lights have a ICAT label, they are already sealed. This label can be found near the bulb. If you don’t see the label, you will need an airtight baffle to seal the leak.

Plug Any Open Cavities

In most houses, the drywall has an inner zone. Usually, builders do not cover this area during the construction process. To solve this problem, go to your attic and push the insulation aside. If the stud cavities are not closed, use fiberglass insulation to seal them. To increase efficiency, stuff garbage bags under the fiberglass. The bags are helpful because they block airflow.

If you follow these procedures, you can keep your home comfortable throughout the year. You can learn more about basic maintenance requirements by contacting an professional heating and air conditioning company.

When Do You Need Northern Virginia HVAC Services?

HVAC isn’t always an easy topic to discuss. Many people put off enhancing or maintaining their heating and cooling supplies until something goes wrong. They wait until their air conditioner brakes to replace it, or even start investigating the strange sounds that they have been hearing around the unit. This can put the homeowner in a bad situation, as HVAC problems tend to worsen as they continue.

Northern Virginia HVAC services are used for a variety of reasons, not just replacements. It is important to understand that these specialized services should be utilized for HVAC maintenance and installation. Homeowners who are inexperienced should never attempt to perform these tasks on their own. Every heating and cooling system is complex and an experienced technician is needed in order to make sure the job is done right.

When you first buy your home or install a new unit, you should contact an HVAC services provider in your area. They should inspect the unit and provide a professional installation if needed. They will also be able to inform you of any ongoing maintenance steps you may need to take. Hiring a service provider helps you to save money in the long run and promotes safe installation.