Real Simple Ways of Cleaning Your Patio

Patios are a very important part of our homes as they provide a nice are for relaxation. You will always love spending your time at the patio either chatting away the Sunday afternoon or just sipping your cold beer. Here are the simple ways to keep this area clean.

The patio always has different pieces. The furniture pieces are better cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. Cover all the furniture so that this can easily be done by rubbing a nylon scrub brush then there after wiping. The cushions can be cleaned by using a sponge and a mixture of warm water and detergent. Simply scrub cushions with the solution and then let them dry for a while. Be keen to not let the cushions on the sun for a long time as the sun might destroy the cushion materials. The Umbrella can be cleaned by using a bristle-brush dipped in detergent working from bottom upwards. Cleaning the Wicker can easily be achieved by dislodging the leaves and bugs from the crack thereafter use a wet cloth to clean the Wicker. Remember to dry the Wicker to prevent it from mildew.

Outdoors is always a good place to be if you love enjoying the natural scenes and the fresh air. A clean patio will always entice you to spending more time seated outdoors. Use the tips and you patio will be enjoyable.