Trying a New Sport Called Surfing

Surfing has recently gained popularity among yuppies in the Philippines. One reason may be that it is a sport enjoyed and thus endorsed by a local celebrity. During the time that he spoke about enjoying this sport, he was about the same age as yuppies these days. At the same time, thanks to call centers, more yuppies have access to high- income jobs which allows them to have extra funds to enjoy travel and possibly more expensive pastimes.

Now that they have enough money, they can afford bus fares or to gas- up for long road trips. And then they end up at the beaches popular for waves excellent for surfing. One place frequented by surfers is Baler, Quezon. It’s on the east coast of the Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean. On the opposite side is La Union, Zambales, also known as a surfer’s paradise and where another hunk of a celebrity operates his own surf school.

Thanks to the country’s nice warm climate and archipelagic topography it’s definitely no surprise that young people enjoy the beach. Given better opportunities, they get to enjoy life, try out a new sport and basically enjoy the waves of adulthood.

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