Recover From An Awkward Moment

You look good tonight, and so does she. In fact, the date could not have been more perfect, until you did something to embarrass yourself, or even the both of you. Now what? You probably want to crawl under the table, or let the ground swallow you whole so you can escape. However, do not be melodramatic because there is still hope.

If you are stuck in this scenario in this moment and want an advice fast, then listen up. First, if you feel that you have offended your date go back to her and apologize sincerely. Chances are, your heartfelt apology will not go unnoticed, and she will take it. If not, then consider this tactic. Just laugh it off.

After doing that, move on and do not look back. Hey, girls have a sense of humor too, and unless you did something that would warrant her hate, she would probably join you laughing. Do something extra special so both of you can forget that embarrassing moment. Take her to a more romantic spot, or crack a joke or two. Do not let your little slip ruin the date. If you do, then you lose.