Time to Get Your Air Conditioners Ready for Summer

Every year at around this time, it is very wise to have your air conditioners inspected and checked to make sure they are in the proper working order. There are a number of vital electrical parts to an air conditioner and it must be functioning perfectly to keep your house cool while using the minimum amount of electricity.

Central Air Conditioners Need Annual Servicing

All central air conditioners need to be serviced every year. These units use a great deal of electricity, and the older they become, the more electricity they use. They can also begin to leak their cooling compound, which not only reduces their ability to cool, but it can also cause damage to the surrounding areas. Modern air conditioners do not contain Freon any longer, and therefore are not a danger to the ozone layer, but older units do.

Central Air Conditions have short life spans

The life span of a central air conditioner is only about seven years. This is mainly because the technology is moving so quickly that newer models are just getting so much better than the older models. If your unit is older than seven years, you should consider replacing it. The amount you will save on energy will probably pay for the replacement within a years or so.

Portable Air Conditioners

The great new invention of the portable air conditioner is twofold. It does not just cool the air, and it is not just that you can move it around easily from room to room, but it most often also contains two other essential tools to make your home’s air better. It will dehumidify the air, removing moisture and it will purify the air removing contaminates. Both these will make living in your home a much nicer experience.