Adding Mirrors to Foyers

Foyers can often be dark closed in spaces especially in smaller older homes and apartments.  This makes sense, as people did not want to waste space in areas that were not really used.  In today’s world; however, we like to make these spaces more inviting.  They say that first impressions are everything, and if your foyer were a visitor’s first impression, it would be nice at least to lighten it up.

Adding mirrors to the walls

In small foyers and halls, adding a mirror to a wall or cupboard can be an excellent addition to lighten up the space.  Selecting the right mirror can greatly increase the generation of light and will actually create an airy atmosphere.  For example, if you use a mirror with a large deep frame, the mirror will not emit much light, and you will not lighten the space very much.  It is best to use a mirror, which does not have a deep frame or even a frameless mirror.  Lighter colored frames are also better additions, unless your walls are painted a very light color.

Type of mirror

There are mirrors that fit all types of decors from antique to modern to minimalist.   It is important to remember that people will use foyer mirrors to look at themselves, so do not use mirrors tinged with yellow.  It tends to make women look sallow and will put them into a very poor mood!

Another type of mirror to use is the wall mirror, or alternatively a mirrored door on a cupboard.  This can be a great addition as long as it is done with style and class.  It can in fact almost double the appearance of space in a small foyer or hall.

Adding light reflection to mirrors

When putting up mirrors on walls, add wall sconces right by the mirrors, then the light from these sconces will reflect in the mirror increasing the overall light of the small foyer.  This will also alleviate the need to have a too bright light in an overhead lamp, which can wash out the colors of the room, and people’s faces.