Tips for Winter Lawn Care

Lawn plays a big part in the home designing. Actually it creates a perfect first impression to the people who are visiting your house. A perfectly trimmed lawn shows how much you care about the house. Also it says that you love cleanliness. Let’s talk about lawn care for the winters.

Clean It Up

You need to clean it all up. The winter is different in each part of the country. In the north it becomes very cold in the winter and the grass almost remains covered by the snow. Here you need to keep a good trimmed grass. Nothing much but one inch is enough. Moreover the debris must be cleaned. Otherwise, it will squash the grass and you will see that the grass is dead after the winter. This creates spots on the green lawn. Your lawn will look ugly if you do not take away the debris.

However in the south, the scenario is entirely different. Snow does not fall here much or does not fall here at all. The homeowner uses rye seeds to give some sediment to the grass. In the winter, the grass seems to be vulnerable. So walk on the lawn a little carefully.

Trim the Grass

This is also an important part. In the country parts, where it snows, it becomes very much important step. You should not scalp the grass. Instead, just trim it and keep the grass in a sizable amount. The grass height should be about 0.5 inch to one inch. You can also keep bigger if you are in the warmer place.

Look Out for the Traffic

Carefully keep in mind where the most traffic is. The grass grows very slowly in the winter. If damaged. It can not repair itself in the winter. So where there is traffic, you should keep the grass higher than the rest of the lawn.

Your lawn needs special cares during the winter. To keep the lawn beautiful we may need to take some measures too. These are simple procedures and you can do them without the help of the professionals. But if it proves to be much, then do ask for professional help as soon as possible.