How to Better Cool a Room with High Ceilings

Nowadays it’s become the trend to make the homes more energy efficient. People are trying to find the means to use less energy to get the work done and keeping the expense to the minimum. But when the summer comes it makes the bill go high and it’s a serious problem to cool the room if the ceiling is high.

You can use some tricks to cool down a room with high ceiling. Some tricks costs a little money some, none at all.

Match Your Air Conditioner’s Capability

Normally your AC cools down your room by square feet capacity. If your room ceiling is higher than normal, then it may prove to be much more than the capacity of your air conditioner. If so, your AC won’t be able to work properly and have to work extra to cool the room. Thus the bill will be high.

In this case just check the capacity of the AC and replace it. It will be better for the long term.

Reposition The Condenser

The air conditioner’s condenser is what cools down the air and sends the air in your room. If it is in a place that stays hot most of the day then your condenser will not be able to work properly. Do not place the condenser in the direct sunlight. It is wise not to place the condenser near the western wall since it is the hottest side of the house.

Insert Ceiling Fans

If you can not replace the AC then insert some ceiling fans. They will increase the air circulations in the room and help the AC to cool the room. It is recommended to place near the hottest parts of the room. Insert more than one if the room is very big.

Increase The Ventilation

In the summer the temperature can go up to a hundred and sixty Fahrenheit. Increasing the ventilation is a smart choice. It works better at night when the weather is relatively cooler. You have to install a whole house fan for that. You may say that it will need lots of money but it is less than the Air conditioner.

A high ceiling is not very energy efficient. So you should not make ceilings very high. Then it will be easy to make the room cool easily. Or you can use the tricks mentioned above to cool down a room with high ceiling.