Bathroom Lighting ideas

Proper lighting is an integral part of the bathroom designing. In modern times, even the bathroom has become the part of the beautiful home décor. Without the proper lightened bathroom, we can not complete the total interior designing of our home. So bellow is some easy but magnificent ideas about bathroom lighting.

For Small Mirrored Bathroom

The bathrooms that have a small mirror require very little creativity. There should be at least two light sources on the each side of the mirror. The twin light sources will provide you with enough light for the grooming works. The lights should be placed at least three to five feet from the ground to have the maximum lighting potentials.

For Large Mirrored Bathrooms

Here the vanity light should be used to do the lighting. Since the mirror is big, the lights are better placed over the mirror. In this case you will get enough light. Moreover, many designers add the options to dim the light using a controller so that the users can use the light according to their needs. The lights should be placed about to seven feet above the ground.

For the Tub & Shower

The lighting in these areas must be brighter than the rest of the areas of the bathroom. You need more lights here because you will need it fir the cleaning and reading different things like the label on the soaps and the shampoos.

For Under cabinet

This is optional lighting. But if you still want to do it then it will only increase the beauty of the bathroom. The under cabinet lights should be not too bright. The colors should be mild and in your favorite color. If the light is brighter than necessary, it will create unnecessary shadows on your face that will definitely cause you inconveniences while doing daily grooming.

Lighting can be considered as a form of art because it needs your creativity and good taste. But if it proves to be too much for you then you can have the help of professional interior designer too. But the objective must be creating a beautiful bathroom environment.