Top 5 Minimalist Home Styling Ideas

A minimalist is someone who practices moderation and simplicity in everything that he or she does. Minimalism is also something that makes you express yourself in a more composed manner while sticking to the “less is more” principle.

With this said, the same can be applied to the design of your home. If you’re not a natural minimalist but you want this theme and you’re confused as to how you’re going to put your pieces together, start with the essentials—clean your house. A little do-over can be a great styling idea, like reusing your old home accessories whether it’s the curtains or the flooring. You can rely on carpet cleaning Melbourne for some tips on major home renovation especially if you’re aiming for a minimal theme.

In this article, you will find fresh ideas that you can use for designing or re-designing your home. Listed below are the top 5 minimalist templates to help you get back to basics when decorating your own space!


Some people automatically associate minimalism with whites and blacks only, but colours may be injected into your main design. Monochromatic colours are all colours in a single base hue. They are modified as tints and shades; white is added to colours to achieve tints. On the other hand, black or grey is blended to colours to achieve shades.

For your home, have one colour scheme while using tints and shades. Make contrasts effective; you may use plain and textured fabric for your pillows and other stuffed furniture. Plush leather couches would work best. Pick artwork that would complement your over-all design. Monochromatic colours, when used properly, would create balance in your home.


Homes with Asian-inspired interiors are known for a fresh and calm image. Like the monochromatic design, Asian-styled homes promote balance and harmony. You have to be precise and careful so you would succeed in creating this design.

An Asian home theme usually has oriental, far eastern and Indian influences or a mixture of all. Start with your backdrop—choose neutrals or dark solid colours as your base. It is never complete without a touch of nature in it, so pick earth-toned furniture or others that have understated colours. This would provide a soothing and pleasant vibe to your home. Get inspiration from Japanese cherry blossoms or Chinese towns and infuse bright and exquisite colours into your décor.  It is important to maintain balance not only in the position of furniture, but also in their size and texture.


Contemporary minimalist homes are those houses that have a simple yet modern design. Long couches plus free seating are ideal for your living room. Install glass doors in your open walls if you have any. Contemporary designs are ever-changing, so look for unique furniture that could be flexible with trends. Go for colourful lanterns instead of fixed lighting. Mix and match colours, patterns and textures to achieve a modern look.


You can be classical and chic at the same time by having a vintage-minimalist home. A Victorian-inspired carpet would be the highlight of an otherwise modernized bedroom or living room. Vintage-styled homes are usually painted with pale and contrasting hues. You may also place a small bookrack on one side of your wall, or a wood-carved coffee table as your living room centerpiece. Rustic furniture would cap off the whole look.


Re-live the 1960’s by doing a retro-themed minimalist home design. Choose a bright colour palette and artisan-made fabric and carpets. Pick a modern strong-hued sofa or lounge chair. Hang vibrant paintings and photographs on your wall for a cheerful and homey feel. Maintain a simple look by not overdoing your bright-coloured furniture; display them against neutrals.

Less is Definitely More

Before having the minimalistic design for your house, it’s good to know how you can mix basic shapes and geometric patterns to be able to come up with an effective one. Minimalism need not be all about simple dimensions—it could also be a technique in maximizing light and precious space. This way, your house can be a haven of sophistication and class which would captivate anyone despite the simplicity of its design.

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