Overhead Crane Maintenance

If you use an overhead crane for your business, it’s important to have a preventative maintenance program that will keep the crane working at peak performance. A crane that doesn’t function properly will not only disrupt your business operations, but it can also cause injuries to your workers.

To implement a good preventive maintenance program, it’s important to have a daily crane inspection with a checklist that follows safety procedures. You can set this inspection up at the beginning or end of each work day, so you’re sure of safe daily operations. Your maintenance program should follow the specific instructions and recommendations of the crane’s manufacturer to ensure that you’re using the correct parts and procedures and preserve your warranty.

Daily Inspections

Daily inspections should only be conducted by designated personnel who have been trained in overhead crane operations. For maximum efficiency, personnel should perform inspections each day before and after use. You should implement a daily inspection checklist that’s signed off on to ensure that a thorough inspection has been done each day according to OSHA safety standards. According to OSHA regulations, the safety check must include all hoists and cranes prior to use at the beginning of each shift, and visual assessments must be limited to areas that can be safely inspected from the floor, a catwalk, or other safe observation point in the facility. OSHA also requires that the crane operator be trained and authorized to use the equipment being inspected.

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