How to Choose a Perfect Desk Lamp

You use desks for various reasons. You use it for studying working or doing various important works. So it is very important that you use a perfect lamp for your desk. Otherwise you will have trouble doing the work.

Decide What Type of Light You Want

First, decide the type of the light that you would want. Normally the desk light is used where you do not need much light but the light you need must be focused on one point. So you can go for either decorative or for only doing the jobs.  the desk light is only for the limited amount of use. So I suggest that you take a good working lamp; no decoration needed. A basic lamp will be more than enough.

Look for Functions

You need the desk lamp for the work. So, only look is not enough. You also have to use the functionalities as well. There are lots of functions for different kinds of lamps. There can be with flexible neck. Or it could be a basic lamp of the simplest designs. Some lights can be attached to the desks. Also some lights have the options where you can control the dimness of the light. These functions are useful. There are also lamps that can attach it to the surface of the table. This prevents the desk lamps from slipping.


There are no rules about the colors. You can use incandescent or fluorescent lights as your desk lamp. Whatever that makes you feel comfortable, you can use it. Normally, the mild colored lights have a calming effect and it is recommended that you buy that. If you want to become a little more creative, then match the color of the lamp with your surroundings or your desk.

Choosing the right kind of lamp can be crucial. There are hundreds of options. The perfect ones are hard to find. But you will be able to find the most suitable desk lamp if you just look carefully. They do not cost much and you can get a great desk lap in bellow $20.