Plant a Tree to Add Value to Your Home

There are some ways to make the price of your home higher than the original price. Some will say refinish your house and some will say replace your fittings. But if you ask me I will tell you that the easiest way to increase the price of your property is planting trees in the right place.

What Kind of Trees Should You Plant

This depends entirely on your choice and convenience. Normally people go for the ornamental trees. But the thing is that it’s too common style. It does not significantly increase the price. You may plant trees that are very good as the shade or a perfect windbreaker or just gives you privacy.

The most common trees are the bigger shrubs that will give you some privacy from the peeking neighbors.

Pot planted trees grow 6-12 feet high. So they are also a popular trend. If you have enough yard space you can plant big trees too. But keep in mind how big the trees are going to get in at least ten years. If you plant a tree that is too big for your yard that will only damage the property once it grows fully.


Trees will only need maintenance in the first years after planting. Then you may have to use about $100 for one tree. You have to water the plants regularly. You need to trim the branches. But if you want to reduce the sweeping work then you may want to plant evergreen trees. Then will not have the trouble to sweep out the trees regularly.


If you plant trees, your home will become more energy efficient. The price of your home will grow with a little or no effort at all. This is a very easy bargain. You can just plant trees to make your house beautiful and pricey at the same time.

Trees are our friends. They save money and energy. There also makes the property very beautiful. A healthy grown tree represents the vitality of the environment of that area. So plant tree to increase your property value.