Tips for Brightening Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets dark and dated?  How about painting the cabinets white, it is something you can do yourself, and it can be relatively inexpensive, certainly cheaper than buying new cabinets.  The following are a number of tips that will help to make your cabinet paining successful.  You do not need to hire a professional who would probably spray paint the cabinets.   You can paint with a brush with great results.

Prepare the cabinets correctly

The prep work is vital.  Even the cleanest kitchen cabinets are covered with dust, grease and other unpleasant food remains.  Make sure you do each of the following before you even think about applying any paint.

  • Empty all the cabinet and clear the counters off.  Then cover the counter with paper and tap it down.
  • Tape around the cabinets, so that you do not get paint on the walls, ceilings or floors
  • Remove all the doors and drawers, saving all the hardware, even if you plan to use new hardware.
  • Using an abrasive pad, wipe all the surfaces that are to be painted with a liquid deglosser.  Make sure you have plenty of ventilation, and hand and eye protection as the deglosser is a dangerous product.
  • Fill any holes you are not planning to reuse.
  • Sand all surfaces working with the grain of the wood, using a medium grit paper.

Paint the cabinets

Now you can start the pain work.  Always use a sealer or primer on fabricated woods, or maple and cherry.  If you have oak cabinets, this stuff soaks in, so you need to use another oil-based coating.  Once this is applied, you will need to wait at least 24 hours for it to dry completely.  Then you can sand it smooth.  Make sure it is glass-smooth when you finish the sanding.  When you are finished, vacuum all the surfaces to move all dust and particles.

Apply the paint with a good quality paintbrush, and work from the top to the bottom.  Apply two coats, sanding with a high value grit paper between the coats.  Remember to vacuum again after any sanding.  If you do not vacuum, dust and particles will be imbedded in the paint ruining the effect.

Reassemble the cabinets

Once everything is completely dry, you can reassemble the cabinets.  Apply the doors back in the same order you took them off.  Adding new hinges, handles and knobs can really add a nice touch.  Good luck with your project.