Insulation Is The Key To Total Comfort

Although regular maintenance keeps an HVAC system running smoothly, the cooled or heated air will not stay in a home if the insulation is poor. So, if you plan to buy an HVAC unit, ensure that all leaks are properly sealed. Typically, most insulation projects should be handled by a professional. However, there are two insulation tasks that any homeowner can tackle.

Place Insulation Around Your Recessed Lights

If your home has recessed lights, there may be vents to lead to the attic. You must seal this direct route so that your heated or cooled air won’t escape. However, if your lights have a ICAT label, they are already sealed. This label can be found near the bulb. If you don’t see the label, you will need an airtight baffle to seal the leak.

Plug Any Open Cavities

In most houses, the drywall has an inner zone. Usually, builders do not cover this area during the construction process. To solve this problem, go to your attic and push the insulation aside. If the stud cavities are not closed, use fiberglass insulation to seal them. To increase efficiency, stuff garbage bags under the fiberglass. The bags are helpful because they block airflow.

If you follow these procedures, you can keep your home comfortable throughout the year. You can learn more about basic maintenance requirements by contacting an professional heating and air conditioning company.