French Country Design Ideas

French Country is a hugely popular style of interior design because it blends the elegance and beauty of a European home with the simplicity and comfort of a house in the country. Attractive furnishings that are combined with soft and soothing patterns and colours are characteristic of French Country.

If you are interested in incorporating some French Country design ideas throughout your own home, continue reading for a few ideas to help you get started.

Rounded Edges

To bring a sense of softness into a space, look for rounded edges and curves in everything from your window frames to archways that separate one room from another. Even chairs designed with curved backs can be a great addition to your space to add a bit of French Country style to it. But do not just stick with major furnishings; instead, look for details where you can incorporate this element, such as your wallpaper design, upholstery pattern, and various decorative accents.

The Right Fabrics

When it comes to choosing fabrics that will adorn your space, look for vibrant shades that will exemplify what French Country is all about. Colours like green, red, blue, black, and yellow are very popular in the world of fabrics, such as toile, that can be used within this design style. Striped and checkered patterns on fabrics of your choice are also great additions to any room, and combining these elements will bring a French Country style together rather quickly.

The Right Colours

White is a hugely popular colour in French Country designs. Imagine a large bed that is covered in white fabrics, right down to gorgeous ruffles and lace. So even though vibrant colours, as mentioned above, are an integral component of French Country interior design, you do not have to merely stick with these options when you are creating your space. Incorporate white and cream shades to evoke a delicate and serene atmosphere in any room, such as your bedroom.

Distressed Pieces of Furniture

Distressed furniture is yet another classic element of French Country interior designs. Although these pieces look weathered and worn, they are actually still in great shape, yet they add to that rustic country appearance that evokes warmth and comfort and an old-fashioned feeling that is in stark contrast to today’s modern furnishing designs.

You can take just about any piece of furniture and make it look older than it is with the right DIY approaches. Or you can opt for vintage pieces that you can find at antique shops or online. You may even have some old furniture that has naturally become worn with time. Leaving it as-is and designing around it will make it blend perfectly into your French Country scheme.

French Country is a great interior design style for any home, from a city apartment to Montreal real estate, beach houses, and more. Once you get the hang of what colours, fabrics, and furniture to choose, you’ll see your home transform into a cosy yet elegant space that you’ll love being in.