How to Have a Worry-Free Kitchen

Never use slippery flooring or tiles. Spills from any form of liquid will cause slips. Use a non-slip mat on the sink floor and the cooking area.

Let’s be mindful of what we put on overhead cabinets above the stove. Obviously, we do not want any sprays close to the stove. Things like matches, candles, and your child’s food definitely do not belong there. Put your child’s food in a sealed storage or better yet make your child special by making his/her own food cabinet. If there are kids, take them to the kitchen and do a tour. Train them so they’d understand at an early age to be cautious around it. Tell them why particular things can hurt them. You will be surprised with what they have to say while training them.

Never ever leave your stove burning even if you are just going to fetch the clothes from the washing machine or answer a phone call. It takes less than a second to turn it off. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Get your local fire department’s number and place it where it is visible.