Decorating Your Foyer with Exciting Wall Papers

Foyers are a great way to express your artistry and creativity on your house. Any foyer can be decorated in any way you want or according to your house current designs, decoration or theme. To some, painting the whole wall to display how artistic they can is a hard work and might even cost them their time. As such, a good alternative can be used to make up for these lost time and excessive effort.

foyer design ideas

Since paints are becoming expensive and can cause bad odors to the house, the use of wall papers is something that you should also consider. Not only that these wall papers are easy to install or use but it also has different designs and prints that you can select. Wall papers are also cheaper than paints and can easily be arranged or aligned according to your liking. Wall paper design comes in different colors from bold to light, pastels and animal prints.

foyer design

These lovely wall papers will surely give a pleasing ambiance to your foyer especially when you decorate it with lovely ornaments and tables or might as well hang a mirror on the wall. Adding flowers on the table that matches the decoration or the prints and designs of your wall paper also brings out the best appearance to your house. There is actually no limitation as to what type of design that you can choose when you are remodeling your foyer however you should know that there are different choices based on designs and expenses that you can choose.


  1. What paint color did you use to paint the foyer?