Renovating Attic from Storage to Bedroom

Renovating an attic from the usual storage room to a luxurious or multi- functional bedroom is something that should be well planned. Of course, you may have your usual blue print and check list on the things that should be done however double checking all the procedures including the expenses are important. As such, you can jot down notes on what outcome you expect and what other possible ideas could render the space to look and feel comfortable without compromising the space.

bedroom loft conversions

One of the basic things that you should do is to check for the stability of the foundation and floor. Since attics are usually the place where you can give little attention to, its walls, floors and ceilings might easily wear down. For a larger space attic with smaller entrance, it would be difficult to bring a new bed up. However, instead of purchasing new bed you can ask the carpenter to make a single or double bed on the spot.

wide attic bedroom

Making the attic to a bedroom does not necessarily mean that you have to find a new storage room to occupy all the things that you have kept. Instead, make use of most of the things that are previously stored and display it on the walls or use it as accessories for the new room. You can also make additional small room that separates the bedroom from your actual storage area. Other than this, you still have more things to consider renovating such as windows and lightings, ventilation, accessibility and many more.