Rehydrate By Drinking Water and Using Moisturizer

I’ve hardly been very caring when it comes to my skin. I used to think doing so was for the vain. I didn’t really see the purpose why my mom wanted us to put on lotion when we were younger. Besides, I consider myself a toughie and I didn’t think toughies put on lotion.

But a few months ago, one of my colleagues noticed that my skin was dry. Some months after that, I noticed it myself. I was wearing shorts that day and my skin looked scaly. It was disgusting. Since then I began to pay attention to my skin some more. So when I had the chance to buy a big bottle of lotion at a cheap price, I didn’t hesitate to get it right away.

Now, I think I’ve taken the first step to making sure my skin doesn’t dry up. Up next would be to make sure that I drank a lot of water and then got enough sleep. I hope it’s not too late.

Trying a New Sport Called Surfing

Surfing has recently gained popularity among yuppies in the Philippines. One reason may be that it is a sport enjoyed and thus endorsed by a local celebrity. During the time that he spoke about enjoying this sport, he was about the same age as yuppies these days. At the same time, thanks to call centers, more yuppies have access to high- income jobs which allows them to have extra funds to enjoy travel and possibly more expensive pastimes.

Now that they have enough money, they can afford bus fares or to gas- up for long road trips. And then they end up at the beaches popular for waves excellent for surfing. One place frequented by surfers is Baler, Quezon. It’s on the east coast of the Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean. On the opposite side is La Union, Zambales, also known as a surfer’s paradise and where another hunk of a celebrity operates his own surf school.

Thanks to the country’s nice warm climate and archipelagic topography it’s definitely no surprise that young people enjoy the beach. Given better opportunities, they get to enjoy life, try out a new sport and basically enjoy the waves of adulthood.

Philippine Jeepney in Different Shapes and Sizes

When you say “jeepney” in the Philippines, it doesn’t refer to the brand of popular sport utility and off- road vehicles. Instead “jeepney” refers to local transportation that can carry twelve to twenty- four passengers and ply through government- assigned routes.

These rides come in different sizes and makes. Some are made of aluminum and steel while others are modified Multicab or Mitsubishi L300 FB vans. Aluminum and steel jeepneys are usually custom- made with designs often featuring portraits of family members, or other popular icons such as basketball players, professional wrestlers, cartoon characters or race cars. Multicabs converted to passenger jeepneys are more common in Davao City, that’s located somewhere in the south.

Jeepneys are essentially the most popular modes of transport in the Philippines. Fares are generally cheaper although passengers risk getting stuck in traffic and being late for an appointment. Crafty drivers find alternate routes and their barkers often maximize the capacity of their vehicles by allowing male passengers to hang onto the outside rails of the jeepney entrance. The latter practice, however, is punishable by confiscation of the driver’s license.

Google Analytics Makes Web Traffic Analysis Easy

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for website owners and online marketers alike. The system allows account holders to measure the effectiveness of their page via metrics identified by default as well as those that they themselves have set- up.

Right now, I use it in studying the website traffic our company page is getting. It basically helps me in analyzing the behavior of our page visitors as well as in summarizing our surface- level metrics such as visits and new visits. With Google Analytics, I’m also able to do deeper analysis by learning about Bounce Rates, Time on Site, and the path of pages visitors see when they come to our site.

What’s more awesome is that Google Analytics has this feature which allows users to view their live pages and the system plots percentages on the page to identify the frequency or number of clicks each spot or links gets from visitors. This is especially useful in designing and modifying websites in order to optimize this marketing tool.

Cream Puff to Die for

Eating has been and will always be my all time stress reliever. It may not sound healthy physically but mentally it keeps me sane during times of stress.

I am a huge fan of anything sweet and scrumptious. And one of my all time favorite is the Cream Puff. The old style kind of this kind of dessert is baked bread with yummy filling and a caramelized sugar on top. But now it comes in all sort of flavor imaginable. I went to this café that serves different flavors of cream puffs from one with chocolate toppings to peanut butter and even cream cheese. I can spend hours inside that place. It was like heaven for a sweet tooth like me.

Dessert is something that will never go missing on my every meal. Especially a well baked and delicious cream puff very day, who can complain?

Recover From An Awkward Moment

You look good tonight, and so does she. In fact, the date could not have been more perfect, until you did something to embarrass yourself, or even the both of you. Now what? You probably want to crawl under the table, or let the ground swallow you whole so you can escape. However, do not be melodramatic because there is still hope.

If you are stuck in this scenario in this moment and want an advice fast, then listen up. First, if you feel that you have offended your date go back to her and apologize sincerely. Chances are, your heartfelt apology will not go unnoticed, and she will take it. If not, then consider this tactic. Just laugh it off.

After doing that, move on and do not look back. Hey, girls have a sense of humor too, and unless you did something that would warrant her hate, she would probably join you laughing. Do something extra special so both of you can forget that embarrassing moment. Take her to a more romantic spot, or crack a joke or two. Do not let your little slip ruin the date. If you do, then you lose.

How To Choose The Right Fence

Fences are placed in a property for a variety of reasons. It can be meant to keep children outside from playing in the yard, or to ensure that the privacy of the homeowner stays intact. Whatever the reason is, you need to choose the right fence that will serve your purpose. Here are some tips to guide you.

Choosing Fences Based On:

Security- When establishing a fence to keep people outside from coming in, you have to mind three factors. It includes the durability of the fence, height, and additional security.

  • Durability- What materials are you going to use? Metal fences and chain link fences are always better than wood or aluminum because they can hold against whatever invasion you are expecting.
  • Height- Is it tall enough to keep other people from jumping easily inside? If you have a large fence that requires a ladder to reach the top, it will discourage other people from even attempting.
  • Additional Features- Consider getting a fence with additional security code as it will boost your protection. If you are living somewhere secluded, you can also try an electric fence to protect yourself from large animals or intruders.

Privacy-  If you want a fence to keep outsiders from seeing your activities inside, go for wall to wall perimeter fences. The large blocks obscures you and your house, so you will get the solitude you want in a property. Tall hedges can also serve this purpose, though it will not stop other people from coming inside.

Materials- Popular materials used for fences are vinyl, aluminum, wood, pvc, and iron. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, aluminum is very popular because it is cheaper than the iron type. However, the latter provides better security and longevity. If you want to choose based on materials, research is really important to arrive at the best type for your home.

Because fences serve different purposes for each household, nobody can truly say what is best for you. What may work for a friend will have a different conclusion for your house, depending on your need. So choose according to your lifestyle while using the guide.

Tips for Hosting a Large Crowd

Have you graciously offered to host a large celebration, reunion of commemorative event?  The prospect of hosting a large crowd may well be cause for excitement or quite possibly send you into super stress mode. Whether you’re an experienced entertainer or a novice, remind yourself that the focus of every large event is the guests and the occasion, not your ability to serve a five course meal to fifty people. Take a deep breath and follow these proven recommendations from the professional event planner and caterers to ensure your event is a huge success. The key element that professional event planner and caterers agree on is that advanced planning is critical for successfully entertaining a large crowd.

The first step is to establish your budget and gather your guest list. If the event is casual in nature, it’s perfectly acceptable to send eVites to guests. There are many websites that have a huge array of templates and great dashboards for sending eVites. One of the advantages is the ability to see which guests have opened the invitation as well as a running tally of responses on the dashboard. Make arrangements in advance for accommodations for guests that will be travelling in from out of town. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the terrific rates available from Depending on the number of rooms needed, many hotel chains and independent hotels will offered reduced rates for groups. Be sure to make these arrangements in advance and let guest know of any special rates or discounts available.

If you’re function is to be held outside, make sure there is ample space to host the number of guests you anticipate. While it’s always great fun to have a garden party, it’s also very important to have a realistic plan B should the weather not cooperate. Identify seating for guests and a space for both a buffet and a bar. Consider adding string lights and cables for a festive look. Fresh flowers and upbeat music will set the tone for a fun event. Have plenty of coolers and ice on hand as well. If you are expecting an exceptionally large crowd, consider options for parking as well.

Begin to make plans for the menu. You don’t need to be an executive chef or have an enormous budget to feed a large crowd. Hamburgers on the grill and salads are always welcome. Consider preparing several trays of lasagna in advance and making fresh salads and Italian bread on the day of the event.  Select items for your menu that can be prepared well in advance.  With a house full of guests, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen preparing food and missing your own party. Welcome your guests with a smile, direct them to the bar and commit to having a grand time at the event you’ve volunteered to host. Best of luck to you and your guests on a terrific celebration!

Time to Get Your Air Conditioners Ready for Summer

Every year at around this time, it is very wise to have your air conditioners inspected and checked to make sure they are in the proper working order. There are a number of vital electrical parts to an air conditioner and it must be functioning perfectly to keep your house cool while using the minimum amount of electricity.

Central Air Conditioners Need Annual Servicing

All central air conditioners need to be serviced every year. These units use a great deal of electricity, and the older they become, the more electricity they use. They can also begin to leak their cooling compound, which not only reduces their ability to cool, but it can also cause damage to the surrounding areas. Modern air conditioners do not contain Freon any longer, and therefore are not a danger to the ozone layer, but older units do.

Central Air Conditions have short life spans

The life span of a central air conditioner is only about seven years. This is mainly because the technology is moving so quickly that newer models are just getting so much better than the older models. If your unit is older than seven years, you should consider replacing it. The amount you will save on energy will probably pay for the replacement within a years or so.

Portable Air Conditioners

The great new invention of the portable air conditioner is twofold. It does not just cool the air, and it is not just that you can move it around easily from room to room, but it most often also contains two other essential tools to make your home’s air better. It will dehumidify the air, removing moisture and it will purify the air removing contaminates. Both these will make living in your home a much nicer experience.

Wider Aluminum Bathtubs

If you are re-doing your bathroom and you are still thinking of having a regular built-in bathtub may I suggest a wider model with added luxury of arm rests. It is the one we chose when we redecorated our very small family bathroom and we love it.

Aluminum bathtubs

Bathtubs still come in cast Iron but the best are now aluminum. They are much lighter, and do not chip nearly as easily. Aluminum bathtubs can be formed much more easily, and can be painted just like cast iron. There is, however, a far lower chance of an aluminum bathtub crashing through the floor into the room below. Alas, where would the silent film industry be today?
Aluminum is also used extensively for hot tubs and whirlpool baths, so they are still very strong. The paint is backed into the aluminum and so it does not chip nearly as easily as the paint chips on the old-fashioned cast iron bathtubs.

Free Standing Bathtubs

You can still get the old claw foot free standing bathtubs and have them refinished. These make a beautiful statement in a bathroom, but you really do need to have a large bathroom to make the most of these units. Claw foot tub are made in Aluminum now, but as they do not have the weight they have to be screwed down onto the floor, and that tends to lose the romance of the thing.

Wider Model Bathtub

We were able to fit a wider, 36 inch wide tub into a space only a few inches wider than the old tub. Our bathroom is very small but adding these extra few inches made a huge difference to our enjoyment of the new bub. I would highly recommend adding a wide tub if possible. It really does not take up any more room in the bathroom.